Pj Sexy Local Chinese – QQ – 本地妹

Pj Sexy Local Chinese – QQ – 本地妹

Customer say : QQ 漂亮年轻可爱身材较好,皮肤白又嫩。她的口活很好,吹得我好舒服,加上她的叫床声真让人受不了,让我在加时🤓我会下次再约

Customer say : QQ Beautiful young and lovely body, white and tender skin. Her mouth is very good, it makes me feel very comfortable, and her bed is really unbearable, let me swear in the extra time, I will make another appointment.

Pj Sexy Local Chinese – QQ – 本地妹

Name 名字 : QQ.        Age : 20
Body 身材 –Good body  34c
Height 高度 -161
Weight 体重 -46kg
Nationally 种族-Young Local Chinese  party time only

Customer,  Say Very Good Service ,

Blow Job ( 口交)
Fuck Job (性交)
BBBJ (无套口交)
Daty (舔阴部)
Suck and lick balls (舔睾丸)

massage( 按摩 )

1 Short Rm   450  45minit
2 Short Rm  900  1 hour 30 min

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Bro make an early appointment time yah…❤
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